Homebase Electronic Timer Operation Instructions


Homebase electronic twenty 20 program timer



This page was written after I bought the timers and ended up not using them
because the instructions were not enclosed, after finally getting around to
working out how to use them I thought I’d put this page up for anyone else in the
same position. The timers are actually quite good once you know how to program

them. I’d be interested to hear if anyone does actually use this page, if you do

why not drop me an email to: joe.timerpage AT tozer DOT org DOT uk.

Thanks to Phil Hough for emailing information on Summer Time and CTD mode,

Mike England for info on how to reset individual programme timers, Gary Hardman

for CTD mode corrections and Bryan Elliott for the blank display fix.


This page was first published January 2007, and last updated 3rd July 2023



If your timer has sat unused for some time then you may need to leave it plugged into
the mains for a bit to recharge its internal battery.


Blank Display after Charging

If your timer has been charged and the display remains blank, then pressing and

holding down the ‘R’ reset button for a few seconds will often bring the display back

to life.


Timer Modes

The timer has five basic modes:

  1. Normal operating mode
  2. Time Set mode
  3. Program (Timers) set mode
  4. Random (RND) mode
  5. Countdown timer (CTD) mode


If at any time if you don’t press a button for more than around 5 seconds the
unit will drop out of setting modes into normal operation mode



1.      To perform a complete reset of the timer press the small round ‘R’ button with a
pencil, or similar.

2.      To reset/clear a single timer, when in programme mode (see "Set Programmes"
below) press the 'finger' button.

Set AM/PM or 24hr clock Mode

  1. Press and hold the ‘TIME' button for around 3 seconds and the timer will change
    between AM/PM and 24hr clock display modes. In AM/PM mode AM or PM is
    displayed just to the right of the seconds count

Set Summer Time or Winter Time (BST/GMT)

There's no need to adjust the actual clock hours, just change between Summer Time and

Winter Time (BST and GMT) modes.

  1. Press and hold the ‘TIME' button, then press the '<-' button to change between BST
    and GMT. +1hr is displayed above the seconds count for BST/daylight saving/summer time, the display
    above the seconds count is blank for GMT/standard/sinter time

Set current Day and Time

  1. Press and hold the ‘SET’ button until the day (e.g. MO for Monday) starts flashing
  2. Use the ‘<-‘ and ‘->’ buttons to select the current day.
  3. Press the ‘SET’ button the hours flash
  4. Use the ‘<-‘ and ‘->’ buttons to select the current hour.
  5. Press the ‘SET’ button the minutes flash
  6. Use the ‘<-‘ and ‘->’ buttons to select the current minute.
  7. Wait 5 seconds and the timer will drop out of time set mode back to normal mode.

Set Programmes

The unit has 20 separate timers each with separate On and Off times, each of
which can be set to act on a variety of different days of the week, e.g. every day
MO TU WE TH FR SA SU is selected or just weekends SA SU is selected, or a
single day e.g. only Wednesdays, WE is selected.

To set timers

  1. Press the ‘->’ button
  2. 1ON flashes, this indicates you are going to set the ON time of timer one, if
    you want to set a different timer press the ‘<-‘ or ‘->’ button to cycle
    through the 20 ON and OFF timers.
  3. Press ‘SET’ the days selection flashes
  4. Use the ‘<-‘ and ‘->’ buttons to select the days you wish this timer to operate on
  5. Press ‘SET’ the hours flashe
  6. Use the ‘<-‘ and ‘->’ buttons to select the hour at which you wish this timer to operate
  7. Press ‘SET’ the minutes flash
  8. Use the ‘<-‘ and ‘->’ buttons to select the minutes at which you wish this timer to operate
  9. Press ‘SET’ the current timer, e.g. 1ON flashes
  10. Use the ‘<-‘ and ‘->’ buttons to select the next timer to set e.g. set  1OFF
  11. Repeat Steps 3 to 11 above


When done setting the timers wait 5” and the unit will go back to normal operating mode.

To clear timers

To clear a single timer and reset it to" --:-- "press the 'finger' button.



Once programmed the timer can be set using the triangular button with the picture of a finger,
there are three basic modes

  1. OFF: always off
  2. ON: always on
  3. AUTO switches off and on based on the set timers.
    When AUTO OFF is shown the timer socket is currently off, when AUTO ON is
    shown the timer socket is currently on.

    (On the LCD display 'Auto' with 'on' or 'off' means that the timer will switch on and off
    according to the settings you've made; when it shows 'auto on' it just means that the
    timer output is currently switched on, and when it shows 'auto off' the timer output is
    currently switched off.


Random Delay Start Mode (RND)

Random Delay Start mode delays the programmed start and finish times by between 2 and 32 minutes,

this can be used to give the impression that a timer is not being used to turn lights on and off.

  1. Press the RND button to enable or disable random mode.
  2. If random mode is set "RND" appears on the right hand side of the display, blank in normal mode.


Countdown Timer Mode (CTD)

Countdown Timer Mode allows the timer to switch on for a pre-determined time, to

set CTD mode:

  1. In normal mode, press '<-' to enter CTD mode
  2. Press 'SET' and the '<-' and '->' keys to preset the countdown time (in the same way
    as for the timer modes above)
  3. Once back at the flashing ON display, press 'CTD' to start the timed on period countdown,
    'CTD' is displayed above the seconds countdown
  4. To pause and restart the countdown, press 'CTD' button

Red Indicator Lamp

  1. If the unit is plugged into the mains the red lamp will be on if the timer socket is on.


Other Names

Following email feedback here's some other names to help search engines find the page,

thanks to everyone who has taken time to contribute:

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